Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed critical access health care facility providing inpatient, emergency and outpatient services.  Our Home Health Agency serves Ellis, Gove, Graham, Ness and Trego Counties. WaKeeney and Ellis Family Care Centers offer clinic services aimed to fulfill all of your family’s needs.   An attached 37-bed Long Term Care unit, 6-bed Assisted Living complex, and Home Delivered Meals complete the package by providing all aspects of care under one roof.

Our strength comes from the commitment and genuine caring of our healthcare team and the support of our community.  Our vision of “To be the healthcare facility of choice for our community and surrounding area” serves as our guiding principle.  We welcome your comments.

Seniors enjoy a prom of their own

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Long Term Care 5 Star Award

5 starThe Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital Long Term Care has recently been awarded as a 5-Star facility for overall quality. Similar to a 5-Star hotel this is the best rating a residential care facility can receive! This rating by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is based on 4 sections including health inspection, quality measures, staffing and RN staffing. The Health Inspection rating takes into consideration the 5 most recent state surveys. Quality Measures is an indication of falls, urinary tract infections, anti-psychotic medications, weight loss and resident's that require additional assistance with activities of daily living. The staffing and RN staffing indicate adequate staffing for the number of residents and level of care they require. This is a huge accomplishment for our facility! You are welcome to check out the web for CMS Nursing Home Compare to verify this information for yourself or for more information about the 5-Star Rating Program. Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital Long Term Care is truly an example of..."Our Family Caring for Yours".

Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital Enhances Local Emergency Services

AveraTrego County Lemke Memorial Hospital is proud to announce the addition of Avera eEmergency services in WaKeeney.
TCLMH provides emergency services to hundreds of patients in the community each year. Open 24/7, the ER is equipped to handle any patient that comes through the door. However, access to a second set of eyes and ears can be beneficial in critical cases. The new eEmergency service will provide that extra support to TCLMH’s clinicians when needed.

At the push of a button, local physicians and emergency room staff have immediate, virtual access to a team of physicians and nurses who specialize in emergency medicine.
eEmergency supports patient care in several ways:
• Access to board-certified emergency physicians 24 hours a day
• Connects rural communities to highly trained specialists
• Activation of emergency transport teams as early as possible
• Additional support during multiple emergencies
• Fewer transfers so patients can stay close to home
• Collaborative approach allows local caregivers to focus exclusively on patient care

“eEmergency gives us the ability to extend and enhance the level of health care in our community,” said David Augustine. “It gives us access to the same type of specialists available in larger facilities, enabling us to deliver better care, right here in our community, and keep patients here whenever possible.”
Avera eCARE offers one of the largest telehealth networks in the United States, supporting more than 225 health centers, clinics, long-term care centers and correctional facilities within an eight-state region.
Please go to Avera eEmergency under the services tab or call 785-743-2182 to learn more about health care services at TCLMH.org To learn more about Avera eCARE, go to www.AveraeCARE.org.

Patient Safety Program.

Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital has been recognized by the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative (KHC) and the Kansas Hospital Association (KHA) for its participation in a three year national Partnership for Patients initiative known as the Hospital Engagement Network (HEN).

On December 2, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that HEN efforts to improve patient safety resulted in a 17 percent decline in hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) such as adverse drug events, pressure ulcers, and surgical site infections among others. HHS had set an ambitious goal of reducing HACs by 40 percent and readmissions by 20 percent by the end of the 2014.

Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital and 99 other Hospitals in the Kansas HEN collectively prevented an estimated 3,800 safety events (including readmissions) at an estimated cost savings of more than $23.2 million, as calculated by the Health Educational Research Trust (HRET). HHS reported that national efforts to improve patient safety resulted in an estimated 1.3 million fewer patient safety events, 50,000 lives saved and $12 billion in health spending avoided.

"Our health care team is devoted to safe, high quality care delivery," said Dave Augustine, CEO. "We are proud of our collaboration with our peers across that state, our patients, and the impact our work has made to improve patient safety."

"We appreciate the physicians, nurses and other key staff who contributed to this successful initiative", Dave Augustine said.

The statewide collaborative, led by the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative, allowed hospitals to learn from sate and national subject matter experts, plus work together to share best practices and resources to rapidly achieve progress in technical and cultural aspects of patient safety.

"KHC congratulates Kansas hospitals for their extensive contributions and work together to improve quality and patient safely throughout Kansas," said Kendra Tinsley, KHC executive director. "These reductions are the result of a deep commitment to patient safety and have a demonstrable impact on patients' lives."

"These phenomenal results across the state and nation represent major strides in patient safety thanks to a strong collaboration among our hospitals," said Tom Bell, president and chief executive officer of KHA. "We congratulate and thank all Kansas hospitals and our many partners for their leadership and hard work now and into the future."

In 2015, many Kansas hospitals will continue their collaboration through the Kansas HEN. KHC will sustain and support the improvement infrastructure created for Kansas hospitals by offering education and technical assistance, as well as providing resources and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning.

For more information about Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital, WaKeeney, KS and our patient safety initiatives, please contact our facility (785)743-2182. For more information about the Kansas HEN, visit www.khconline.org.

Patient PortalMyKSHealth-e-Records-small

TCLMH Announces Patient Portal Availability My KS Health

Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital and the WaKeeney and Ellis Family Care Centers are excited to announce their participation with the Kansas Health Information Exchange (KHIE). This participation will allow patients the ability to access their medical record information by registering for a free MyHealth eRecord account.

Why register for a MyHealth eRecord? MyHealth eRecord is a smart way to manage your medical information. It's all in one place online – giving patients one location to keep records on everything from medications and allergies to previous illnesses and injuries – any time they need them. Patients can update, organize and access their eRecords using any computer, tablet or smartphone. What's more, they can securely share your medical information with any health care provider you trust.

MyHealth eRecords saves, time money, and maybe even your life! Being able to securely access your health records 24/7 is crucial and could:

  • Save your life in an emergency by giving medical providers immediate information about your medications, allergies or chronic conditions.
  • Prevent medical mistakes by ensuring that all providers have the latest, most accurate details about your health.
  • Review on-line your most recent lab results.

Contact the Registration Department (785-743-2182) at Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital to get registered today.

Patient Satisfaction

TCLMH's mission is "Touching lives with compassion and a commitment to excellence." One way that we measure how well we are meeting this mission is by the input our customers give us. If you have a great experience we want to hear about it. Hearing about the services and staff that you enjoyed the most, helps us to recognize and reward our team.

If we fell short of your expectations, we want to hear about it. Bill Gates once said, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." At TCLMH, we are committed to receiving customer concerns and viewing them as ideas for growth and improvement. For example in 2011, our parking spaces were widened to enable our customers to access our facility with ease; and a wall mirror was placed in the Acute hallway after a customer voiced their concern about potential collisions at the intersection.

After you receive services at TCLMH and our Family Care Clinics in WaKeeney and Ellis, please take a moment to fill out your patient satisfaction survey. Each visit can provide a new experience for our customers, and we want to hear about it!

Patient Satisfaction Committee


Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the WaKeeney & Ellis Family Care Centers will have Walk-In-Clinics starting on September 22nd.

WaKeeney & Ellis Family Care Center Walk-In Clinics

WaKeeney Clinic Walk-In Times
Monday thru Friday
8:00 am — 10:00 am

WaKeeney Family Care Center
Phone: 785-743-2124
333 N. 14th Street
WaKeeney, KS 67672

Ellis Clinic Walk-In Times
Monday thru Friday
8:30 am — 10:30 am.

Ellis Family Care Center
Phone: 785-726-4956
1000 Washington Street
Ellis, KS 67637