How May I Provide a Tax Deductible Gift?

A gift may be made to the Trego County Hospital Endowment Foundation in whatever manner is most convenient for you. A sum may be given at one time or a pledge made to extend over a period of several years. As an alternative, you may wish to consider the following methods of giving.

  • Gifts of life insurance
  • Gifts of real estate
  • Memorial gifts
  • Bequests honoring special occasions i.e. (weddings, birthdays & anniversaries)
  • Life Income Trusts
  • Wills

Your gift indicates that you recognize the need to maintain and expand the medical services and programs of our Hospital, and that you wish to be part of extending those services to others. Your generous gift is greatly appreciated.

How Will My Gift Be Used?

Your gift will be used for the health and well being of us all. Each of us will require medical services at some time during our lives. Your gift will also be used to continue providing "Big City Care . . . . A lot closer to home" for future generations.

Community hospitals have a legacy of memorial giving by concerned and dedicated persons. Others have already helped to build and sustain our Hospital. That kind of dedication needs to be continued.

Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation, Inc.

The Trego Hospital Endowment Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation established to improve medical services to the patients in the area served by the Hospital.  It was created to encourage and obtain charitable gifts which will aid in the continuation and the improvement of our area's medical programs and services. When you gift, please specify that your contribution be applied for the benefit of Hospital Programs.

The Foundation operates under its own Board of Directors and is not considered a component unit of the Hospital.

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